Home Remedies for Dry Cough Tips

18 March 2016

Coughing is a natural defense reflex, it helps to clear mucous or any other irritants from the air passage. Once the cough happens, it is repeated but produces no phlegm or mucus, this kind of phenomenon is called dry cough. A dry cough may be associated with illness, for example, allergies, bronchitis or other irritants. […]

Coffee Health Benefits

16 November 2015

A lot of people cannot start their day without their caffeine fix, and this is not at all a bad thing. Actually, there are many coffee health benefits to be taken into account, according to the findings of many medical studies carried over the last decades. While you may be tempted to think that coffee […]

A Short Guide to the Differences in Grass Fed and Grain Fed Beef

15 November 2015

If you’ve been to a farmers market, you have likely passed a number of stands marketing “grass-fed” beef. Or perhaps you’ve gotten lunch at a popular restaurant known for its dedication to local foods and the environment and noticed a note about the beef being grass-fed. Most of us are familiar with the concept of […]

Treatment For Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

30 September 2015

There is a wide range of treatment for dark circles under the eyes available today and not all of them are effective , which is why it is important to learn the cause of your dark circles and how you can remove them by using natural methods. Having dark circles under you eyes can make […]

Tips To Removing Blackheads

28 September 2015

Removing blackheads can be easily be done if you know how to do it the right way. They are often caused by excess oil on the skin and look like little bumps on the skin which are usually black or yellow in color. When there is too much oil on the skin it can cause […]

Tips On Natural Remedies For Psoriasis

28 September 2015

What Is Psoriasis? In this article I will list some Natural Remedies For Psoriasis. So what is psoriasis? This is a condition which is not life threatening, but can be disfiguring and painful. It is a skin disease that is persistent and flares up in cycles. There is no known cure for psoriasis and it […]

Tonsil Stone Removal

3 June 2014

Tonsil stones, also called Tonsilloliths, are white or yellow shaped “globs” of calcium that form in the crevices of the tonsils.  While these unsightly and smelly deposits are likely to cause no physical harm, the usually have a strong foul-smelling odor and cause bad breath.  They also break free from the tonsils and can be […]

Weight Training for Weight Loss

21 December 2013

Hmm… weight training for weight loss. Nice ring to it eh? But not exactly what we’ve become accustomed to. Your typical weight loss program couples severe caloric restriction with numerous trips to the gym to hop, run, cycle, treadmill, skip, or dance your way to weight loss. But there’s a serious problem with this model […]

Be A Healthy Eater

15 October 2013

The healthy diet is often confused with taking food supplements and performing mathematical calculations to figure out how much fat or how many calories you’ve taken in. It doesn’t really work that way. Calorie conscious individuals are not really eating healthy even though they watch calorie intake. Vegetarians are not eating healthy because they limit […]

True Guide on Extra Long Shower Curtain

24 February 2019

Shower curtains are great tools for decorating a bathroom. Not only can they be used to tie a room together, but they also serve an important purpose. If you want to keep your floors dry while others are in the shower, you need to invest in one of these simple products. If you want to […]

Can Prostate Milking Help With Prostate Pain Or Prostate Problems?

25 April 2017

Looking to learn more by watching a prostate milking video? Either for prostate health or for pleasure benefits, prostate milking can be very helpful to men of all ages. Many men are visual learners and a video can make it much easier to learn. As well, you can watch the computer screen while doing your […]

Causes of Pain in Lower Abdomen during Pregnancy

18 April 2017

News of pregnancy delights the whole family and specially, the woman who is pregnant. The woman enters the initial stage of motherhood and loves this feeling. However, the pregnant woman occasionally experiences discomfort in abdomen. This occasional discomfort is normal, until it exceeds. If the pain is severe than usual or it is more frequent, […]

The best way to Clean a Teapot

26 March 2017

If you enjoy the gradual and rewarding process of brewing your tea in a teapot, you may wonder how best to clean it thoroughly after each usage. The shape of the teapot makes it hard to clean — it’s difficult to reach the very bottom of the pot and inside the spout. Consider these time-saving […]

Home Remedies for Phlegm

19 March 2017

Phlegm is something that people really do not give much thought to until there’s a little too much coming out. Typically, it comes about with severe colds. A blocked or runny nose results in difficulty of swallowing and breathing, and phlegm is to be blamed for this situation. What happens is that the mucus may […]

Cloudy Urine and Urine Color

6 March 2017

Cloudy urine and urine color and clarity help show us our physiological state. Clear urine is a good sign, however, clear urine color such as pink, red, tea colored, green, brown, black, orange, and blue need further investigation. Some natural foods such as berries, rhubarb, and beets, cause urine to turn colors other then yellow. […]

How Long Should I Wait To Take A Pregnancy Test

26 December 2016

Becoming mother is perhaps the best feeling in the life of any girl. A girl mainly gets pregnant due to sexual intercourse and this happens when sperm enters the body of the woman through the vagina. During sexual intercourse semen is released from the body of the men and this semen contains many cells called […]

The different Ways to Cook Eggs

16 June 2016

Eggs are a wonderfully versatile food which can be used in many ways to create individual meals, or snacks, relatively cheaply. The various methods employed in the use of eggs include meals suitable for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and often help to provide instant food when there is little in the larder. The ways to […]

16-year old weightlifting champ makes history. So why are her looks and weight up for discussion?

9 June 2016

In one fell swoop — or as fast as one can clean and jerk 233 pounds — British student Zoe Smith became both the youngest athlete to ever participate in the Commonwealth Games weightlifting competition and the first English woman to take home a medal. Smith took the bronze medal despite, as she reported after […]

Three Movements To Get Started For Vertical Jump Training

9 June 2016

So you want to know a few good vertical jumping exercises? There are several to choose from. There are a few in particular that can boost your capacity and help you learn how to jump higher. These will provide you a good foundation to start from. You must ensure that you follow them exactly. You […]