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The different Ways to Cook Eggs

16 June 2016

Eggs are a wonderfully versatile food which can be used in many ways to create individual meals, or snacks, relatively cheaply. The various methods employed in the use of eggs include meals suitable for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and often help to provide instant food when there is little in the larder. The ways to […]

Recipes Apple Crisp

19 May 2016

Apple crisp is one of my families favorite desserts, especially in the fall when you can pick the apples right off the trees yourself. After a fun filled day of apple picking, we go home and make our first batch of apple crisp. The aroma fills the whole house of apples and cinnamon; the smell […]

Quinoa and Poblano Salad

19 May 2016

Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) grains, while treated like rice or wheat are actually the seeds of the South American goosefoot flower. It is highly nutritious with quality protein and fibre, making it an ideal choice for vegetarians. Quinoa has a mild, slightly nutty flavor that blends well with other tastes. We have chosen the red variety […]

Recipe for Sticky Rice

18 May 2016

Since it is Christmas season, let me share with you one Filipino recipe made of sticky rice, coconut milk and  sugar with caramel toppings and considered as a sweet delicacy. This is a rice cake often served on special occasions and festivities. Popularly known as “ biko”, this is believed to signify unity or closely […]

Pumpkin Pie Filling and Bread Starter

17 May 2016

This recipe makes enough pie filling for 4 custard type pies and and a starter for pumpkin pie bread. •3 c sugar •2 tsp salt •7 tsp pumpkin pie spice •8 eggs •2 cans of 100% pure pumpkin (29 oz cans) •3 cans Evaporated Milk (12 fl oz cans) •4 deep dish pie crusts •1½ […]

Product Reviews Slim Fast Shakes

17 May 2016

Slim Fast shakes are a mixed bag, at best. While they do fill you up, you are definitely ready for a snack when the plan calls for one. They are grainy and thick. Your first shake will definitely make you think twice about the plan. Once you get used to the texture, though, and find […]

Recipe Elegant Salmon Souffle

16 May 2016

This elegant souffle will look and taste as if you spent hours laboring over it, but in fact it’s quick and easy to prepare. Ingredients: * One and a half pounds salmon fillet* One small onion* One cup cow’s milk or soy milk* One tablespoon chopped parsley* One teaspoon lemon juice* Two tablespoons corn starch* […]

Pigs can Find them and so can you

15 May 2016

A truffle is a delicacy. It is a rare and edible mushroom. Truffles grow about one foot under the ground. These mushrooms grow among the roots of oak, chestnut, elm, willow, and pine trees. There are many different types of truffles. Some are as small as a walnut and others are as large as an […]

Recipe Cheeseburger Ravioli

15 May 2016

I prefer to eat fresh farm eggs instead of store bought. This usually requires a trip out to the country. A friendly older lady who lives across from the cemetery is always glad to see smiling faces and loves a chat. This means shopping for eggs takes a bit more time than normal. My fiance […]

Product Reviews Kraft Easy Mac Macaroni and Cheese

14 May 2016

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese has been a staple in most kitchens since well before the microwave came into being and revolutionized modern cooking. How do the two come together, you ask? The answer, it turns out, is quite well. Easy Mac is a lazy cook’s dream come true. The prep time is minimal, and the […]