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Food Dining North Carolina Morehead City Restaurant Review

23 November 2015

Since 1976 Cox’s Family Restaurant, in Morehead City, North Carolina has been serving delicious downhome cooking and homemade food in a friendly and small-town atmosphere.  A place where everyone seems to know everyone, Cox’s has been a staple on U.S. Highway 70 long before there were fast-food chains and franchises dotting this busy thoroughfare.  The crowded […]

Fast food urban legends and myths debunked

19 November 2015

Would you like fries with your worm-filled burger? Extra chili on that severed finger? More HIV-tainted ketchup to go with your fish fillet sandwich? As long as fast food chains have been around, they’ve come with a side order of urban legends. And although they’re hard to swallow, and many of them have caused mass […]