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Green Tea a Natural Remedy for many Disease

12 May 2016

Around five thousand years ago, back in China a man called Shen Nung, a great emperor of his time, was walking through the forest when he felt thirsty. He settled down to boil some water when suddenly a tea blossom fell into a cup of hot water he was about to drink. He thought it […]

Hot Toddy Hot Cocoa and Schnapps Snow Plow Spanish Coffee Hot Drinks Winter

12 May 2016

Winter season is a time for hot and toasty cocktails that will spark up some flare with friends or a loved one, and warm up your body, mind and spirit. For starters, pull out that coffee and Irish Liquor and make yourself a Spanish Coffee. In your coffee mug add 1 ounce of Brandy, 3/4 […]

Coffee Reviews Folgers Simply Smooth

17 November 2015

It can be a little confusing trying to figure out what kind of coffee to purchase at the grocery store. Today, there are almost as many options in the coffee aisle as there are in a coffee shop! The variety is nice since not everyone likes the exact same type of coffee, but it can […]

Coffee Health Benefits

16 November 2015

A lot of people cannot start their day without their caffeine fix, and this is not at all a bad thing. Actually, there are many coffee health benefits to be taken into account, according to the findings of many medical studies carried over the last decades. While you may be tempted to think that coffee […]