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Tip on How to Get Longer Hair

10 May 2016

I must say that the most basic idea where all tips on how to get longer hair evolved from is simply eliminate all sources of possible damage so that your hair can grow to its maximum length. There, it’s all out in the open and should be shared to newbies looking for ways to grow […]

Tips For Wrinkle Reduction Under Eyes

27 April 2016

Wrinkle reduction around eyes can be easily done by following a daily routine which is fast and simple. For most of us, the first real sign of fine lines on the face appears around our eyes, commonly known as crows feet. The skin found on the face is very delicate and sensitive to harsh components. […]

The Importance of anabolic steroids body building function

24 April 2016

It is a well known fact that anabolic steroids bodybuilding function has been maximized by a lot of athletes and even by physical fitness buffs. Just to give you an idea, anabolic steroids are actually drugs that duplicate the effects of the male sex hormone testosterone and dihydrotesterone. Why is this so? Well, these male […]

The dangerous side effects of anabolic steroids

22 April 2016

Many athletes have been involved in controversies for using anabolic steroids in the past few decades Although anabolic steroids are scientifically proven to boost performance by stimulating bone growth especially for weightlifters, still, using it would disqualify one from sporting events.For one, the improved performance of an athlete should be normally induced and that does […]

Dogs and Poison Ivy

21 March 2016

Poison oak and poison ivy are associated to a group of plants known as toxicodendron. These are also called as Rhus species. The poisonous principle in poison oak and poison ivy is its component urushiol. This toxic substance is an oil resin contained in the plant sap. Animals are quite repellant to the adverse effects […]

Home Remedies for Dry Cough Tips

18 March 2016

Coughing is a natural defense reflex, it helps to clear mucous or any other irritants from the air passage. Once the cough happens, it is repeated but produces no phlegm or mucus, this kind of phenomenon is called dry cough. A dry cough may be associated with illness, for example, allergies, bronchitis or other irritants. […]

Passing A Urine Drug Test

20 January 2016

By tracing the elevated levels of illegal drugs and also by the metabolites provided in the specimen, we can detect the dopers by drug testing. There are various kinds of drug testing which uses the samples like blood, urine, sweat or saliva which helps to detect the concentration of drug. So how one can handle […]

Tonsil Stone Removal

3 June 2014

Tonsil stones, also called Tonsilloliths, are white or yellow shaped “globs” of calcium that form in the crevices of the tonsils.  While these unsightly and smelly deposits are likely to cause no physical harm, the usually have a strong foul-smelling odor and cause bad breath.  They also break free from the tonsils and can be […]

Weight Training for Weight Loss

21 December 2013

Hmm… weight training for weight loss. Nice ring to it eh? But not exactly what we’ve become accustomed to. Your typical weight loss program couples severe caloric restriction with numerous trips to the gym to hop, run, cycle, treadmill, skip, or dance your way to weight loss. But there’s a serious problem with this model […]

Be A Healthy Eater

15 October 2013

The healthy diet is often confused with taking food supplements and performing mathematical calculations to figure out how much fat or how many calories you’ve taken in. It doesn’t really work that way. Calorie conscious individuals are not really eating healthy even though they watch calorie intake. Vegetarians are not eating healthy because they limit […]