Category: Healthcare Information

Can Prostate Milking Help With Prostate Pain Or Prostate Problems?

25 April 2017

Looking to learn more by watching a prostate milking video? Either for prostate health or for pleasure benefits, prostate milking can be very helpful to men of all ages. Many men are visual learners and a video can make it much easier to learn. As well, you can watch the computer screen while doing your […]

Causes of Pain in Lower Abdomen during Pregnancy

18 April 2017

News of pregnancy delights the whole family and specially, the woman who is pregnant. The woman enters the initial stage of motherhood and loves this feeling. However, the pregnant woman occasionally experiences discomfort in abdomen. This occasional discomfort is normal, until it exceeds. If the pain is severe than usual or it is more frequent, […]

Home Remedies for Phlegm

19 March 2017

Phlegm is something that people really do not give much thought to until there’s a little too much coming out. Typically, it comes about with severe colds. A blocked or runny nose results in difficulty of swallowing and breathing, and phlegm is to be blamed for this situation. What happens is that the mucus may […]

Cloudy Urine and Urine Color

6 March 2017

Cloudy urine and urine color and clarity help show us our physiological state. Clear urine is a good sign, however, clear urine color such as pink, red, tea colored, green, brown, black, orange, and blue need further investigation. Some natural foods such as berries, rhubarb, and beets, cause urine to turn colors other then yellow. […]

How Long Should I Wait To Take A Pregnancy Test

26 December 2016

Becoming mother is perhaps the best feeling in the life of any girl. A girl mainly gets pregnant due to sexual intercourse and this happens when sperm enters the body of the woman through the vagina. During sexual intercourse semen is released from the body of the men and this semen contains many cells called […]

Three Movements To Get Started For Vertical Jump Training

9 June 2016

So you want to know a few good vertical jumping exercises? There are several to choose from. There are a few in particular that can boost your capacity and help you learn how to jump higher. These will provide you a good foundation to start from. You must ensure that you follow them exactly. You […]

Menstrual Cramps

4 June 2016

What a situation to deal with every month? This is difficult. The pain can’t be bearable that it cause women to miss school or their work. Some said it is caused psychologically or stress. It can be. But I don’t really agree with that. When I have my menstrual cramps, I could hardly get up. […]

Can Bee Pollen Help You Lose Weight?

23 April 2016

Unfortunately, many people struggle from being overweight or obese. We are not sure why this is true, but we are assuming it is from poor diet and lack of exercise. Especially here in the western world, many people tend to be overweight or obese. If you are looking to slim down and lose weight, look […]

Bedside Manner and Your Wallet

20 April 2016

For years, if you asked for a recommendation for a physician, the answer included some mention of bedside manner. I mean, we’re human beings first and patients second, so we think it’s great that she’s a brilliant doctor, but is she pleasant? Is she respectful and patient? Nobody wants to work with a snotty know-it-all, […]

COPD Pathophysiology: Understanding the Progression of This Disease

27 March 2016

Chronic pulmonary obstructive disease is comprised of airway inflammation, consequent airway structural changes and mucociliary dysfunction. This disease is characterized by inflammation of the airways on a chronic basis. The COPD pathophysiology will involve inhaled irritants that cause inflammatory cells such as macrophages, B cells and neutrophils to accumulate. When these cells are activated they […]