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True Guide on Extra Long Shower Curtain

24 February 2019

Shower curtains are great tools for decorating a bathroom. Not only can they be used to tie a room together, but they also serve an important purpose. If you want to keep your floors dry while others are in the shower, you need to invest in one of these simple products. If you want to […]

16-year old weightlifting champ makes history. So why are her looks and weight up for discussion?

9 June 2016

In one fell swoop — or as fast as one can clean and jerk 233 pounds — British student Zoe Smith became both the youngest athlete to ever participate in the Commonwealth Games weightlifting competition and the first English woman to take home a medal. Smith took the bronze medal despite, as she reported after […]

I intend that all Being should know itself

12 June 2015

Through the path of “Who am I?” it is my intention to help, in whatever way possible, that all being should awaken to knowing itself. Supporting Actions: For each individual being to simply look at themselves and see what is there that never changes whenever the opportunity should arise. Background Information: Through the gift of […]

Shop Go Red

28 May 2015

I’m a guy, so I hope this doesn’t come across sounding sexist or stereotypical, but women do like to shop, right?  So, why not shop for items that will go to support the fight against heart disease among women, especially if you like red! And, you’ll get a free red dress pin out of the […]