16 November 2015 thumb Coffee Health Benefits

A lot of people cannot start their day without their caffeine fix, and this is not at all a bad thing. Actually, there are many coffee health benefits to be taken into account, according to the findings of many medical studies carried over the last decades. While you may be tempted to think that coffee is bad for your health – as it is often pointed out – it is time to switch your way of thinking. Coffee is actually good for your health, and if you want to live a long healthy life, do not part with your favorite beverage. Here are some of the best reasons to drink coffee in the morning.

Decreased chance of type 2 diabetes

One of the conditions that affect people in civilized world today is, undoubtedly, type 2 diabetes. However, if you take your coffee black, without sugar or additives, you can use it as a healthy tool in your fight against diabetes. There are now plenty of studies that show that drinking coffee quite heavily can consistently protect you against the abhorred disease. A study made public in 2005 has showed that people drinking about 4 to 7 cups of coffee daily showed 28-30% less chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

Stave off Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is a too severe an ailment to treat lightly, and the fact that caffeine seems to be able to block the development of this disease is worth taking into consideration. The studies carried out on humans have started showing the first results, and, according to them, coffee seems to be able to block a certain malfunctioning brain signal in patients with Parkinson’s Disease, which is one of the most important coffee health benefits discovered to date.

Preventing other bad habits

Since there is a limited number of vices someone can suffer from, drinking coffee is the least dangerous. Actually, it looks like coffee can limit the impact of other bad habits, such as smoking, in the long run, making coffee drinkers who also smoke healthier than people who only smoke without drinking coffee.

Increases the bowel movement

If you have problems emptying your bowels in the morning, drinking a cup of coffee can solve the problem for you. For this reason, it is believed that drinking coffee can help you have a healthier colon, which is another of the many coffee health benefits you should be aware of.

Consuming coffee on a regular basis can also help you lose weight if you have it black, without sugar or cream.