17 November 2015 thumb Coffee Reviews Folgers Simply Smooth

It can be a little confusing trying to figure out what kind of coffee to purchase at the grocery store. Today, there are almost as many options in the coffee aisle as there are in a coffee shop! The variety is nice since not everyone likes the exact same type of coffee, but it can make deciding a real chore.

The decision can even tougher for coffee drinkers that are looking for something a little milder in flavor and strength. It seems like all press goes to “bold” and “robust” coffees and not everyone likes or can drink strong coffee. This is where Folgers comes to the rescue with its Simply Smooth coffee. This offering is available in regular and decaf. Reviews for Simply Smooth overall seem to be positive. 

Easy on the stomach

This is the main selling point for Folgers Simply Smooth coffees: it is good for sensitive stomachs. Several reviewers agree that they can now drink more than one cup of coffee and not suffer with an upset stomach. Some coffee drinkers were ready to give up their precious coffee due to the problems it caused, until they tried Simply Smooth.

Mellow flavor

Most reviewers agree that the flavor of Simply Smooth is just that, smooth. They seem to agree that it is less bitter than regular Folgers and even some other leading coffee brands. The taste of Simply Smooth isn’t too weak and it isn’t too strong according to reviewers. 

Decaf option

Some people are thrilled that Simply Smooth is available in decaf form. Many people enjoy a nice cup of coffee, but do not want the caffeine to go with it. Simply Smooth offers good flavor and body without possible “jitters” and headaches that can accompany caffeine consumption. 

Although many reviews are positive, there are always two sides to everything. Some coffee drinkers do not particularly enjoy Simply Smooth. Some even had bad things to say about it. 


Not everyone’s taste buds are the same, so while one might find Simply Smooth a delightful tasting coffee, another person might find it rather bitter and not suitable for their palette. It is important to consider how strong you make your coffee, before deciding if it is truly bitter. 

Higher acid content

In the world of coffee, it is well known that the darker the roast, the less acid content. Folgers Simply smooth is a light roast and therefore contains more acid than a darker roast. Some coffee drinkers find this to be troubling in both taste and after affect on their stomach. 

The world of coffee can be confusing and even a bit frustrating at times. One thing that may give a sense of relief is knowing that there is one coffee giant who has the consumers’ concerns covered. Folgers not only offers coffee in a variety of flavors and strengths, they also offer coffee that is gentler on the stomach and digestive system.

The next time you are thinking of trying a change of pace in your coffee, consider trying Folgers Simply Smooth. Do your research first, read reviews, talk to people you know who have tried Simply Smooth and see what they think about it. The best judge of course, is you. Try it for yourself.