22 January 2014 thumb Does Biotin Make Your Hair Grow

What is Biotin?

Biotin is a vitamin which occurs naturally in a good number of foodstuffs. It is useful for cases of human growth for a number of reasons. To start with, it is sometimes known as vitamin H but basically it contains vitamin B complex. Blood sugar stabilization and metabolization of amino acids and fatty acids are some of its leading roles. The only condition is that it should be consumed in the right amounts.

Scientific research has also indicated that it can play a significant role in promoting great hair. Any lack of biotin in one’s diet is reported by brittle nails, hair breakage, hair loss, and dry skin. It’s been found that when people introduce some this vitamin into their diet, they experience robust hair.

Where is It Found?

There are several foodstuffs which contain biotin. Some of them are listed below:

  • carrots
  • many types of nuts like walnuts and almonds
  • kidney and liver
  • dairy and eggs
  • some soy
  • halibut
  • fruits and vegetables (especially spinach, red beets and cabbage)
  • Swiss chard
  • soy
  • products made from wheat
  • mushroom and beans

Naturally biotin is supposed to be sourced from your daily diet but because of the various deficiencies, people still need supplements to keep up with the body’s demand for this vitamin. There is also a belief that not all people gain from the biotin found in food in a good way. This is especially true with persons with blood group A. They find it very difficult to extract biotin from food. The same is true for those people who have a severe form of reflux. These are the people who can use supplements well.

There is a good question which needs to be answered. This regards to what amount of biotin is required in the body for you to see an improved hair growth. Research has consistently shown that 5 mg of biotin is good for men. When they make use of biotin, their hair density improved by a great margin and there is also a quick restoration of the natural hair color. The restoration is considered to be a side effect but it is highly welcome for many people.

Hair Growth and Biotin Supplements

There are several types of biotin in the market. It is basically a vitamin which is prepared by various companies for use as a supplement. Therefore, it is not a product which has been discovered as such. Use of biotin alone is not enough. Many hair experts recommend that we need to stop the application of many chemicals if we are to take advantage of the many benefits from this vitamin.

That means that we should avoid too much blow-drying, bleaching, and uses of flat irons in the process of high heat hair treatments. As much as these are very popular trends, they do more damage than restoration of natural conditions. Hair growth becomes limited due to these practices.

Instead of carrying out such extreme actions on your hair, there are some better substitutes which contain biotin with better effects. These are called the hair vitamins. These vitamins are usually taken on a daily basis. These have a proper dosage of vitamins. They contribute to health hair more than regular vitamins. Consistent intake of these supplements on a daily basis is very crucial.

Where Can I Buy?

They are basically sold in health food stores but nowadays they have appeared in spas and hair salons as well.

Shampoos and Conditioners Enriched with Biotin

In beauty products stores you can easily get a large number of products which contain this supplement. Manufacturers of such products have discovered that they need to include biotin in their products. These products have been proved to be very useful for those people who have a condition of severe hair loss. This condition is called alopecia. It is treated better when you consume the supplement internally rather than applying it as hair conditioner or shampoo.

Is Beer Related to Proper Hair Growth?

There is a general belief among some women that if they wash their hair with beer, it will grow longer and healthier. Is that true? That is true because beer contains brewer’s yeast. This is a great source of biotin, which is responsible for the results witnessed.

Side Effects

It is very safe for use by many people. The only condition for you to remember is that it should be taken in an appropriate manner. It works miracles when it is taken via the mouth. There is no problem when the right amounts are consumed.

Despite that, all breast feeding and pregnant mothers should stay away from its usage. Otherwise, advice is required from the medical experts before you embark on its usage. Equally, those people who are undergoing the process of kidney dialysis, they need an extra amount of biotin.

Generally, it is a great vitamin for elegant and beautiful hair. Get yours today to get on the road to great hair!