19 May 2015 thumb Fight Heart Disease and Depression

A new study finds that cutting down on stress and participating in aerobic exercise cuts down on both heart disease and depression.

Researchers at Duke University Medical Center tracked the mental and physical health of 92 men and 42 women, aged 40 to 84, with heart disease.

Participants in the study received either their routine medical care, or routine care plus supervised aerobic exercise for 35 minutes three times a week for 16 weeks, or usual care and weekly 1.5-hour stress management training for 16 weeks.

Patients in the exercise and stress-management groups had lower average depression scores and reduced distress scores compared with the patients who received only usual care, the researchers report. The exercise and stress-management patients also had more favorable improvements in certain cardiovascular risk factors.

Speaking personally, my father, who is both a diabetic and heart patient, visits the cardio center at his local hospital, where he receives supervised exercise. It has helped to keep him in relatively good health. Of course, in his case, I don’t know if it’s the exercise that’s doing it, or the opportunity to see those pretty nurses several times each week!