19 March 2017 thumb Home Remedies for Phlegm

Phlegm is something that people really do not give much thought to until there’s a little too much coming out. Typically, it comes about with severe colds. A blocked or runny nose results in difficulty of swallowing and breathing, and phlegm is to be blamed for this situation. What happens is that the mucus may have settled down in your chest, making breathing increasingly laborious.

A general rule that doctors give out when advising their patients whether to come for a check-up or to stay at home resting out a cold is to check the color of the phlegm: a clear, watery form is indicative of a viral infection, which typically cannot be treated at all and has to be waited out while it runs its course, while a dark yellow or greenish color is taken as a sign of a bacterial infection, in which case the doctor will likely prescribe antibiotics.

But just because your phlegm is white and clear does not mean you have to suffer the full brunt of it throughout the lifetime of the virus. After all, even if it is a viral infection, the discomfort can still cost you much in terms of job output, and may even put you out of commission for a few days. Sometimes, it also results in you taking much longer to fall asleep, because your nose is clogged and you keep coughing.

The following home remedies that can get rid of phlegm in your throat will hopefully make your affliction lighter in terms of the phlegm in your airways:

1. Pepper and honey – Prepare a mixture of one tablespoon raw honey and half a teaspoon of white pepper. Heat this concoction in the microwave, on high, for about 10-15 seconds. While the mixture is still hot, consume it right away. Three times a day over a week is the recommended dose, as the pepper and honey are known for loosening up phlegm effectively. It will also help in curing your cold and cough.
2. Ginger and honey – Ginger is another great herb to use for treating phlegm. Measure about 100 grams of ginger, raw, and peel off the outer skin. Use a mortar and pestle to mash up the ginger, steering clear of adding any water. Instead, heat two tablespoons raw honey and add a teaspoon of the crushed ginger into the honey. Consume two tablespoons of this mixture, taking it twice a day over three days.
3. Onion and lemon – Onions and lemons are more of nature’s friendly cold-fighting ingredients, and they do the same for phlegm. Peel an onion and place it in a juicer with the juice of one lemon. Mix this into a cup of boiling water, and boil the concoction for 2 to 3 minutes. Allow it to cool, and add one teaspoon of honey. Take one cup of this juice three times a day for two to three days, or until you find the phlegm to be completely gone.
4. Lemon and pepper – Cut a ripe lemon into halves and remove the seeds. Add black pepper and salt, and suck the spiced lemon. This helps to dry up mucus and phlegm in your throat and chest.
5. Grape juice with honey – A one is to one ratio of honey and fresh grape juice is a great combination to rid yourself of phlegm. Take about four tablespoons of this mixture three times a day over five days to one week.
6. Chickpea powder and almonds – Heat up a teaspoon of oil in a wok and slightly brown two tablespoons of chickpea powder. Add almonds, in powder form, and 30 ounces of water with one teaspoon of honey. This results in a slightly thick concoction, which you then need to remove from heat. As soon as you can, take this mixture twice a day for at least three to five days.

Overall, the good thing about these home remedies is that they are actually ingredients you can find anytime in your pantry. The natural ingredients are also a safe bet, since you can be sure there will be no side effects, which are common for synthetic drugs, even those sold over-the-counter. The next time you are tempted to reach for the decongestant or the expectorant, try one of these natural concoctions, and you will likely find the relief you need.