4 June 2016 thumb Menstrual Cramps

What a situation to deal with every month? This is difficult. The pain can’t be bearable that it cause women to miss school or their work.

Some said it is caused psychologically or stress. It can be. But I don’t really agree with that.

When I have my menstrual cramps, I could hardly get up. My head is so heavy and my eyes get blurry. It is a terrible experience that I go through every month. My legs and my arms get so weak that all I need is to lay down. My abdomen is so painful that I have to scream all night or all morning. I get nauseous. If I tried to stand up, the environment start to spin. So, if I am in the bathroom I will lay down in the floor and fall asleep. I just get so weak that I could hardly stand up and help myself walk to the bed.

Taking a pain killer does not really help me a lot. What helps me feel better is when I lay down for two hours and fall asleep. When I wake up the pain is gone. Yes, the menstrual cramp is still there but not that severe.

I tried to do a lot of exercise to help myself deal with this issue positively. I am really concern. Every time I am getting close to my monthly period I anticipate the pain I will be experiencing. When I go to the restroom and see a little spot, my mind go crazy. I get light-headed right away because I know I will be screaming for help today or the second. It’s just crazy.

With my exercising, it helps a little bit. There were months that I don’t have dysmenorrhea and there were months that I have to endure the severe pain.

I read about this condition and learn a lot. I know about bad prostaglandin, diets, herbs, etc that has to do on getting rid of menstrual cramps. But I can’t write anything about it here because I am not a doctor. Consulting with a doctor is the best way to understand what is going on with our body.

Despite common health issue that women may have, we have to consider that every woman’s body is different and unique. And we have the ability to keep ourselves healthy by understanding and learning what we need.

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