18 April 2017 thumb Causes of Pain in Lower Abdomen during Pregnancy

News of pregnancy delights the whole family and specially, the woman who is pregnant. The woman enters the initial stage of motherhood and loves this feeling. However, the pregnant woman occasionally experiences discomfort in abdomen. This occasional discomfort is normal, until it exceeds. If the pain is severe than usual or it is more frequent, then it is important for the pregnant woman to get herself checked. When the woman experiences pain in lower left abdomen with fever, faintness, nausea, vaginal discharge, etc., she should immediately consult her gynaecologist.

Some of the causes of pain in lower abdomen during pregnancy could be because of:

Loss of pregnancy (miscarriage) : – It occurs in the first 20 weeks of the pregnancy. The initial symptoms of miscarriage include spotting on the vagina or vaginal bleeding, which is followed by lower abdominal pain a few hours or days later. The pain in abdomen may be mild or sharp and may give you a feeling of pelvic pressure. On observing these signs of miscarriage, you must call you gynaecologist. In miscarriage, the pain may become severe and you may bleed heavily. Thus, immediate consultation with the gynaecologist is advisable.

Premature labour : – In case your cervix becomes wider or wipes out due to contractions during pregnancy before 37 weeks, then you are in premature labour. In this case, one should immediately call for the gynaecologist or granny woman. Apart from lower abdominal pain, some of the common symptoms to know that you are in preterm labour include –

  • Increasing pelvic pressure,
  • Increase in vaginal discharge or change in the discharge type,
  • Cramping like that in menstrual or over four contractions within an hour,
  • Spotting on vagina or vaginal bleeding,
  • And lower back pain.

Fertilised egg grows outside uterus : – This disorder is medically called as ectopic pregnancy. In this disorder, the fertilised egg develops in either right or left fallopian tubes. This causes lot of pain in lower abdomen. It can also become life threatening, if not treated on time. Few symptoms of ectopic pregnancy include pelvic pain, vaginal bleeding or spotting, pain during physical work, etc.

Partial or complete separation of placenta from uterus : – This disorder is called as placental abruption. In this, the placenta separates from uterus before the birth of the baby. It is a life threatening disorder. The symptoms of placental abruption vary from person to person. The woman suffering from placental abruption may experience back pain, bleeding, uterine tenderness, etc. along with the pain in abdomen.

Preeclampsia : – This disorder is very severe and has the capability to affect number of organs such as kidney, liver, brain and placenta. This disorder causes changes in the blood vessels. The chances of getting this disorder are high after 20 weeks of pregnancy if the woman has high blood pressure and protein in urine. Apart from lower abdominal pain, the other symptoms include puffiness around the eyes, slight swelling in hands, excessive swelling of feet, etc.

These are some of the noticeable causes of pain in lower abdomen during pregnancy. These causes are treatable if immediate medical care is undertaken. So, the pregnant women must consult the gynaecologist on experiencing any of these abdominal abnormalities.