20 January 2016 thumb Passing A Urine Drug Test

By tracing the elevated levels of illegal drugs and also by the metabolites provided in the specimen, we can detect the dopers by drug testing. There are various kinds of drug testing which uses the samples like blood, urine, sweat or saliva which helps to detect the concentration of drug. So how one can handle passing a urine drug test?

Out of all these methods urine tests are mostly used to detect the drug abusers. It is an inexpensive, easy to handle method, and it gives much quicker results as compared to other tests. Urine drug test is mainly done so as to eradicate recent usage of illicit drug abuse. It is a process in which an individual’s urine sample is tested to prove if they are guilty or not. Due to the various enhancements in methods used for drug testing, there has been a vast change in the urine testing kits that is used commercially. These kits are reliable and are very affordable, costing you around $20 to $40.

Can A Urine Drug Test Detect Alcohol, Cocaine?

The new urine testing kits that are available in the market can help you detect various kinds of illegal drug abuse. There are various common drugs that can be checked by urine testing kits, they are alcohol, cocaine, opiates, ecstasy etc. Also you can check additional information on how long alcohol stay in your system.

Drug gets absorbed into a body when it is smoked or if it is taken intravenously. Due to this, its excretion in urine begins instantaneously. The detection of a drug in urine mostly depends on the detection period and it also differs for different types of drugs. For instance, if an alcohol can be detected in urine between 6 to 24 hours; cocaine can be detected between 4-5 days. Hence, passing a urine drug test is next to impossible until some other external aspects fall in place for it to happen.

Hence, the best way for passing a urine drug test is by not consuming drugs at all.