The Warrior Diet

THE WARRIOR DIET was written by Ori Hofmekler, a former member of the Special Forces.

Ori offers a very unorthodox daily dietary system. It’s based on cycles of under eating and overeating and usually has you eat most of your daily food intake at night. I classify this as intermittent fasting, even though the intervals are not as long as those in ESE and most other healthy fasting programs.

The WARRIOR DIET draws on examples from the Roman warriors to show how cyclical eating can make you stronger, leaner, and more youthful.

Ori’s writing is a lot of fun. You almost feel like you’re back in the Roman era, enjoying the benefits of healthy and tasty food eaten at a huge banquet at night.

My Results?

I’ve found THE WARRIOR DIET to be a very good system to use if you tend to overeat at night, as many people who struggle with weight issues do.

Eating a very small meal early in the day as Ori advises keeps me feeling light, strong and energetic until the nighttime feeding phase.

The feeding ‘window’ at night is limited – only a few hours.

I’ve followed something like this for years and it has always worked well, never mind what the never-eat-near-to-bedtime people say.

This style of eating has definitely kept my energy levels high and made it easier for me to keep my weight at an optimal level.

ESE is still by far my favorite for ease of use, scientific backing, effectiveness and long-term health, but THE WARRIOR Diet style of healthy fasting definitely deserves a mention.


My research and personal experience indicate that unless you are a pro athlete, when it comes to fat loss, calories matter most. Ori disagrees. He believes that timing and specific foods, not total calories, make a big difference for everyone. He backs up his claims in his second book, MAXIMUM MUSCLE, MINIMAL FAT

Disagreements aside, I’ve found that it’s easier to keep calories low and satisfaction high with the foods Ori recommends eaten at the time he recommends.

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