9 June 2016 thumb Three Movements To Get Started For Vertical Jump Training

So you want to know a few good vertical jumping exercises? There are several to choose from. There are a few in particular that can boost your capacity and help you learn how to jump higher. These will provide you a good foundation to start from. You must ensure that you follow them exactly. You can carry out the correct exercises, but if you don’t do them in the proper manner, you won’t get the results you wish for. Add these three exercises to your vertical training and you will be well on your way to adding major inches to your vertical.

While most people may well believe that just the leg muscles require improvement to help you jump higher, this is not accurate. The muscles in the back and waist are also exceptionally important. The erector muscles are the strongest muscles in the back and take on the most work. Your program should consist of exercises for the back and waist areas as well. So let’s get started with our first exercise.

Dead Lifts

A good exercise to begin with is the dead lift. To begin the exercise, grab the barbell, bend your knees, and arch your back. Come to an standing position while holding the bar. Gradually return the barbell back to the initial position on the ground. The first 3 sets of 6-8 reps should be done swiftly but steadily to avoid injury. {Take a rest.|Take a brief rest after these first 3 sets.} Do one last set in a much slower way this time.

Leg Presses

A second exercise that can help improve your vertical jump is leg presses. Set the weight on the machine to a weight suitable for you. Set your feet high and away from you. Let the weight to come down as far as you can and then, pretending like you are jumping, thrust the weight back up quickly. It’s not about the slow and steady here. Your muscles function explosively when you are jumping, so you have to train them that way in your exercises as well. Do 5 sets of 6 reps. Take a short break between each set.

Medicine Ball

For our final exercise we will make use of a medicine ball instead of a basketball. Pretending that you are doing a dunk, hold the medicine ball and jump up as high as you can. Make sure to stretch your reach and try to get the ball as high as you can. Doing this exercise will develop all the muscles that you will use when you in fact are able to dunk. Remember to push yourself to the max.

These three exercises are only three of several that can help enhance your vertical jump. As you advance, include additional exercises to your schedule. Make sure you do them correctly, though.


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